Our fundamental goal as a brand is to empower athletes across the globe to use their sport to spread the love of Jesus. If you feel moved to contribute to our mission, we'd love to hear from you.

Are you the right fit to be a UDX Athlete?

We consider athletes at all levels. Dedication to serving the Kingdom and your craft as an athlete is what we value most. We are looking for athletes who embody our core values as a brand. (Underestimated Never Defeated Remaining Dependent On God) We view being an UNDRDOG as a mentality. No matter what stage you're at in your athletic career, your work ethic and commitment never waiver.

As a Sponsored Athlete what is expected of me?

Becoming a UDX Ambassador is subject to the following terms:

You will receive your own Athlete Discount Code for 20% off all purchases. This is a lifetime discount-code that can be used on any of our products. We ask that you represent our brand in a demonstration of boldness in the good news of the gospel. We do not have a minimum social media follower requirement so please do not let that discourage you from contacting us.

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